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      HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017 TO ALL                                                                                    

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Please read our Manifesto***


SNEA emerged more stronger after the verification with thumbing majority, that only can resolve the complex HR issues in BSNL. Many many thanks to each and every Executive, especially those working in different rural and important units etc & comrades of Punjab, Maharastra,  circles to make SNEA as NO 1 association in BSNL.    

 *** published by SNEA/CHQ

6  MAR  2017

Calls from CHQ

SNEA served notice to Secretary/DoT on Non-Approval of the BSNL proposal to replace the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per Union Cabinet decisions on 2nd PRC recommendations and DPE OM dated 26.11.2008.


Approval of the BSNL decision to replace the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 based on the Union Cabinet decisions and DPE guidelines dated 26.11.2008 and DPE direction to DoT dated 09.07.2014.

Programme of Trade Union Actions:

07.03.2017: Demand day. Sending Fax/email to Secretary, DoT by all Circles/SSA/Division/Branch Secretaries.

16.03.2017 and 17.03.2017: Relay Hunger Strike at BSNLCO and Circle Offices. Lunch/Closing Hour demonstration in all SSA HQs.

11.04.2017: Mass Dharna at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA HQs.

25.04.2017 to 28.04.2017: Relay Hunger Strike at BSNLCO/ Circle/ SSA HQs.

Since notice is given to Secretary/DoT, no agenda related to BSNL mgt included. This issue has to be settled before 3rd PRC implementation at any cost. It is a DO or DIE situation for all of us.

meetings and organisational tasks

Joint forum of all Unions and Associations in WBTC met at CTO Kolkata on 28.02.2017 and discussed on programme to be observed on 9th March 2017 as per CHQ Forum of all Unions & associations call. It is unanimously decided to hold a rally from Raja Subodh Mallik Square (Wellington Square) near Hind Cinema to Rani Rashmoni followed by submission of memorandum to the Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal. On behalf of our association Circle Secretary and ACS were present in the meeting.

It was also decided in the meeting that on 2nd March 2017 at 2 PM, a Convention will be arranged at "Subarna Banik Samaj Hall", Kolkata in support of the said programme. All office Circle Office Bearers, CWC members, Zonal Office Bearers, activists and beloved Comrades are requested to attend the said rally programme on 9th March 2017.

Zonal Secretaries of other SSAs except Kolkata will observe the same programme before District Magistrates.

Circle Office Bearers' meeting along with Kolkata based Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Presidents will be held on 07.03.2017 at Telephone Bhavan 6th floor at 4 pm. All Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members, Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Presidents are requested to attend the meeting in time. Agenda of the meeting -

1.   Discussion on CWC held on 13-15th Feb. 2017.
2. Discussion on the programme called by All the Union and Association of BSNL to be observed on 9th March 2017.
3. Discussion on ensuing agitation programme by our association on demand on E2 &E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007.
4. Discussion on Pending HR issues.
5. Discussion on disturbed situations prevailing in some SSAs .
6. Miscellenous.


With profound sorrow we condolence the sad untimely and unexpected demise of our beloved Comrade Pravakar Roy , A.O (TR)/COB SSA on 22.02.2017 at 8:50 am at Bangalore. It is needless to mention that he contributed a lot to our beloved organisation BSNL by his sincere devotion and activity throughout his service life. We will remember him and he will remain alive in our memory and mind forever. We all together convey our condolence to the members of the bereaved family. May his departed soul rest in peace

4  MAR  2017

Calls from CHQ WEB SITE

Trade Union programme demanding Approval of the BSNL proposal to replace the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per Union Cabinet decisions on 2nd PRC recommendations and DPE OM dated 26.11.2008.

07.03.2017:                                     DEMAND DAY

Sending Fax/email to the Secretary, DoT by all Circles/SSA/Division/Branch Secretaries.

All Zonal/Branch Secretaries may note that the content of the message, FAX No and email id are updated now

Email id of Secretary, DoT:  


Fax No of Secretary, DoT: 01123711514


Sanchar Nigam Executives Association

(Only Recognised Executives Association in BSNL)


Email id of MOS: 

Fax No of MOS: 01123723330



Secretary/DOT, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi.

Respected Sir,

Kindly approve the BSNL decision to replace the intermediary pay scales of E1A and E2A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 w.e.f 01.01.2007, based on the Union Cabinet decisions and DPE guidelines dated 26.11.2008 and DPE direction to DoT dated 09.07.2014.

Yours faithfully,


Email id of CMD, BSNL:


Fax No of CMD/BSNL: 01123372444



Zonal/Division/Branch Secretary


Copy to:

1) Shri. Manoj Sinha, Hon MoS for Telecommunications, Govt of India.

2) Shri. Anupam Shrivastava, CMD/BSNL.




March to Raj Bhawan / Collectorate / DM Office on 9th March, 2017



a) Opposing Niti Ayogs proposal for Closure and transfer of BSNL assets to State Govts.

b) Opposing formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

c) Demanding allotment of 4G spectrum, free of cost, to BSNL.

d) Opposing favours being extended to Reliance Jio.



Subscription deduction from salary from January, 2017 – submission of forms:

All SSA Secretaries are to submit the declaration forms well in advances to the DDOs so that the deduction can be started from the salary of this month itself from all our members. The forms should be submitted with a covering letter. All SSA/Branch Secretaries may make this opportunity to meet each and every Executive and thank them for electing SNEA as the only Recognized Association for the next three years and seek their wholehearted support in resolving the issues and for the revival of BSNL. Make it sure that all the forms are submitted by 15th January without fail.

The forms may be submitted as and when it is collected, without waiting for the last date so that DDOs can initiate the work well in advance.

All Circle/SSA bodies to open bank accounts immediately, if not opened so far and furnish the details to the DDOs for remitting the quota.

Meanwhile the quota upto December, 2016 may be collected in full and remitted to the respective body before CWC meeting on 13th -15th February, 2017.

All CSs, SSA/Branch Secretaries are requested to make all out efforts for filling the forms from all our members by this month itself. All the form collected may be submitted to the DDOs immediately for processing.

The forms of the Executives working in Non-recruiting Units, duly signed by the SSA Secretaries may be submitted to the respective DDOs clearly mentioning the SSA and Recruiting Circle in which they are working. This information is required for distributing the Circle and SSA quota. In the case of INSP& QA Circle, DDO is at Jabalpur and in the case of NCNGN, DDO is at New Delhi. So all the CSs may collect the forms and send it to CS/MP Circle in the case of INSP&QA Circle and to the GS in CHQ address in the case of NCNGN for monitoring purposes.

The Bank Account particulars of SNEA, CHQ and the CHQ vendor Code is furnished below. All the Circle / SSAs are requested to credit the Quota amount Rs.70/- in the CHQ vendor code linking with this bank account:
                                    VendorCode : 0100085651
SB A/C No    : 10332931596
                         ASSOCIATION / CHQ (SNEA/CHQ)
IFSC Code : SBIN0001515
MICR Code : 600002041
Bank Address :


Attention of Branch/SSA/Circle Secretaries: Submission of subscription Forms to DDOs:

As per BSNLCO orders, two months time given to submit the forms to DDOs. So all the forms are to be submitted by this month itself. For the purpose of processing in time all SSA Secretaries should submit the forms immediately. CSs may monitor the progress regularly. After this month, we will get the opportunity to submit forms only in the month of June, 2017. Special focus may be given to our members working in Non recruiting units like Mtce Regions, Transmission Project, Civil, Elect, Arch, QA, T&D/INSP, NCNGN, Training Centres, NFS, Term Cell, CCAs, ITPC, BBNW etc.

All efforts may be taken to complete 100% collection of forms.


21 FEB 2017

Circle Secretary wrote a strong letter to the GM(F),WBTC on 14.02.2017 on present look after arrangement in the cadre of CAO in KGP SSA. It is observed that a good number of AOs, who are junior in respect of concerned AO in KGP SSA, given L/A in the grade of CAO in WBTC. Moreover, the senior most AO in KGP SSA Com Amitava Mondal is given the charge of DGM(IFA) in KGP SSA as and when needed, bypassing the next higher grade as CAO, which is completely unjustified. Click for Letter

20 FEB 2017

The long cherished demand cross the first hurdle after sincerest persuasions and demands : The list of the  prayer transfer applications of JTOs & SDE(L/A)s received so far now published in Sancharika by the WBTC administration. We are very much thankful to the GM/HR & Admn and her office to fulfill their first commitment. The see list of the "Intra_circle prayer transfer applications i.r.o. JTOs and SDE(L/A)s. click here

11 FEB 2017

Circle body in persuasions and actions

Circle Secretary Com. Tapas Ghosh, along with Com. S. Awan & Com. P K Roy met DGM(F),WBTC on 10.02.2017 to discuss the look after arrangement in the cadre of CAO in KGP SSA. It is observed that a good number of AOs, who are junior in respect of concerned AO in KGP SSA, given L/A in the grade of CAO in WBTC. Moreover, the senior most AO in KGP SSA is given the charge of DGM(IFA) in KGP SSA as and when needed, bypassing the next higher grade CAO, which is completely unjustified.
We expressed our strong resentment and requested to resolve the issue at the earliest. The issue was also discussed with GM(HR & Admn), WBTC and requested to resolve it. We also discussed the Temporary Advance related issue in ASANSOL SSA and informed that, if temporary advance is not given to the concerned field Executives, unrest situation may be created due to non-payment of wages to the contractual labours. It was assured that the issue will be resolved within 2-3days.

Circle Srcretery Com. Tapas Ghosh along with Com. S Awan & Com. P. K. Roy met GM(HR & Admn), WBTC and had a prolonged discussion on the following issues :-

(i)Tenure transfer cases in the grade of SDE.
        (ii) Publication of longest staying list in the cadre of SDE in Sancharika
                (iii) Prayer transfer cases of the Executives of age 58+ yrs.
                        (iv) Publication of prayer transfer applications of JTOs & SDEs in Sancharika as early as possible.
                                (v) Rule-8 transfer cases.
                                        (vi) Look after arrangement in the cadre of SDE as well as DE/AGM and other issues.
GM(HR & Admn) has assured to take necessary measures to resolve the issues.

10 FEB 2017

Informations from CHQ WEB SITE

Congratulations: The court case filed by SNEA at Hon PCAT, New Delhi for the pay fixation under FR22(1)(a)(1) without the restriction of FR 35  for the officiating JTOs come up for hearing today and we got favourable judgment. The benefit extended to SNEA members as in the case of others. We met PGM (Estt) and held further discussions on its immediate implementation. Once judgment copy is received, it will be immediately endorsed to the Circles, PGM (Estt) assured. Our Jt Sec Com Arvind Dahiya was present in the court to pursue the case.

The meeting of UNIONS AND ASSOCIATIONS IN BSNL at CHQ Level was held on 06-02-2017 and  reviewed the implementation of the ongoing SWAS programme. At the same time, the meeting also felt that, a final push is needed to be given, to boost the revenue collection of the Company, before the current financial year comes to an end. Keeping this goal in mind, the meeting has unanimously resolved to call on the entire Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL to work for an extra one hour every day, from 10.02.2017 to 31.03.2017. It is decided that, maximum efforts should be taken during this period, to intensify the marketing activities, by giving special focus to the latest tariffs launched by BSNL. Atleast the Non Executives and Executives posted in Indoor and offices may volunteer one day in a month to join with the marketing activities and Melas etc. It is also decided that special efforts should be made to improve the quality of services.

16 JAN 2017

Meeting with Chief Engineer (CIVIL WING)

CS-SNEA(WB) Com. Tapas Ghosh along with ACS Com. P K Roy, ACS Com. Santanu Chakraborty and AZS/ CSZ Com. Bhaskar Ganatra met with CE (C)- WB Zone on 11/01/2017 and following points were discussed:

1. Transfer order of JTOs posted at Port Blair & Namchi: CE (C) assured that their transfer order will be issued before completion of their tenure.
2. Request transfer of SDE(C), Port Blair Sri T K Pal & SDE(C), Raigunj Sri Jayanta Achharya : CE( C) told that he has taken note & will consider the cases after discussing the situation with senior officers.
3. SDE(C) Look after charges to Senior JTO(C)s Sri Paritosh Sarkar & Sri Rajeswar Biswas: CE (C)'s response was positive & told that action may be taken soon.
4. Regarding provision of Computers/printers at Civil Division/Subdivisions: CE(C) agreed to buy computers/printers within his power and has asked CD/CSDs to send fresh requisition with status details of existing computers.


24   DEC   2016



 A meeting was organised by Circle Body of SNEA WB on 24-12-2016 at CTO, TI Hall along with all Zonal Secretaries, Zonal Presidents, CWC members and other activists to discuss and review :
(I) The post MV situation as well as our duties and responsibilities after getting the majority representative Association status,

 (ii) Publication of Executives' Diary 2017, 
(iii) Deduction of membership subscription from salary, 
(iv) Discussion on different HR issues mainly - training of the already passed TTAs through LICE for   Pre-Basic & Phase-I,
(v) Posting of JTO trainees, 
(vi) Rule 8 transfer cases, 
(vii) Pending time bound upgradations,
(viii) Transfer and posting issue of account executives,

(ix) Publication of longest staying list in account cadre in WBTC.
(x) The acute problems faced by the field units in most of the SSAs etc. 

The meeting was presided over by Com. Kajol Chakraborty,VP and was continued from 11AM to 8 PM. Positive discussions were done by all the executives present in the august house and some effective resolutions have been taken to keep up the Association flag high and high and to grow WBTC. Com. P K Roy has been elected unanimously as CWC member for the remaining period of present Circle Body tenure. The meeting was ended with vote of thanks to the chair.



23   DEC   2016

Meeting with GM (HR & ADMN )

                              Circle Secretary along with Asst. Circle Secretary Com. P.K.Roy and Com. Srikanta Awon met GM(HR & Admin), WBTC on 23.12.2016 and had a prolonged discussion for more than an hour on the following HR issues:
1) Posting of 46 nos. JTO Trainees,
2) Immediate training arrangement for the qualified LICE candidates for Pre-basic & Phase-I training. We suggested GM(HR& ADMN) to talk to concerned authority on this regard ,
3) Transfer of 58+ age group executives in JTO/SDE grade ,
4) JTO & SDE prayer transfer cases ,
5) Tenure transfer cases in the cadre of JTO & SDE ,
6) Rule-8 transfer cases etc.
                             We placed our proposals on every issue with proper logical justification. GM agreed principally with us and assured us to honour the proposals given by us as much as possible and will take necessary actions.


22   DEC   2016

Our beloved comrade Mr. Kallol Deb Sarkar, JTO/EB,WBTC has expired untimely on 22.12.2016.We express our heartful sorrow to his family members. We pray to almighty let his soul RIP.



16   DEC   2016

Meeting with CE (Electrical)

         On 08.12.2016 ,Sri Tapas Ghosh, Circle secetary, Sri P.K.Roy, Asstt. Circle Secretary, Sri A.Sarbadhikari, Secy CNZ & Sri S.K.Dutta, Asstt 
circle Secretary (Electrical) have met with the Chief Egineer (Electrical) and discussed regarding the request transfer cases of SDE(E) 
and JTO(E) and the Chief Engineer(E) has agreed to consider almost all request transfer cases. It is expected order will be issued very soon. 
Mention worthy, SNEA/WBTC committed to its members to take up the case with the CE(E) after date of membership verification i.e on 
07.12.2016. Association have expressed their gratefulness to the CE(E) in anticipation in this regard.


15   DEC   2016



Circle Office Bearers Meeting along with Zonal Secretaries and zonal Presidents will be held on 24.12.2016 at 11a.m at CTO, TI Hall and the meeting will continue up to 5 p.m. Agenda of discussion mainly on review of MV & what to be done for growth of our Association as well as BSNL in days to come. All circle Office bearers, CWC members, Z/Ss & Z/Ps are requested to attend the meeting.




9   DEC   2016

Congratulations to one and all


As per the report from the CHQ, New Delhi the final figure is as follows: SNEA # 20,062, (UF)AIBSNLEA+ #18,377

Slight variations may be happened when Official report reaches at BSNL corporate office. The results of WBTC are  :
SNEA # 650, (UF)AIBSNLEA+ # 930; the SSA/UNIT wise details are as :

Sl No




Sl No













Circle Office























































8  DEC   2016

sincerest congratulations

Our General Secretary Com Sebastin and WB Circle Secretary Com Tapas Ghosh conveyed sincerest congratulations to one and all for making the membership verification a grand success. The extensive tours and door to door campaign by our CHQ stalwarts, CSs, SSA Secretaries, Zonal Secretaries, office bearers and Core Group members at all levels resulted in heavy polling in almost all the Circles/SSAs. CHQ congratulate all of them for the excellent work done for the last 6 months. Last but not the least, our sincere gratitude to all our grass root level members and supporters for making the MV a grand success .


Glimpses of GB meeting on 5/12/16 : 2-00 pm at Telephone Bhavan East gate

1st Membership verification:

One joint GB meeting will be organised by Calcutta Telephone Circle, SNEA & West Bengal Circle, SNEA on 5/12/16 : 2-00 pm at Telephone Bhavan East gate on the eve of Membership Verification issue.

Main Speakers :  Com. G L Jogi, Chairman,SNEA and Com. K.Sebastin,GS,SNEA will address the meeting. 


One Day Dharna

against formation of Subsidiary Tower Company on 25.11.2016 

at CHQ / Circle / SSA Head Quarters 
All Unions / Associations unanimously decided to conduct Dharna on 25 -11-16 and one day strike on 15.12.2016, against the proposed move for formation of Subsidiary Tower Company. In the past, the united BSNL trade union movement has foiled  all attempts  of the government to disinvest BSNL. Once again  we will  prove that we will not allow BSNL to be destroyed. All Circle and District office bearers  are requested  to make necessary arrangements in coordination with all the unions and associations, participate in en mass, and make the Dharna on 25-11-2016 a historic success.

s23  NOV   2016

Recent updates

WB Circle Secretary Com Tapas Ghosh, will be the main speaker on the forthcoming meetings on 1st Membership Verifications for Executives in BSNL at SURI Telephone Exchange on 03,12,2016 (1st half), Durgapur on the same day (2nd half) and Bankura on 04,12,2016 for gear up the momentum and meet the queries if any among the voters for the auspecious 07,12,2016. Let the whole hearted support to become the SNEA will be the No 1 after the formal verifications program in BSNL.

Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle secretary, SNEA, WBC will be on organizational cum 1st Membership Verification campaigning tour to NORTH BENGAL. He will address the members and supporters of SNEA on 25th November at Coochbehar, 26th November (1st half) at Jalpaiguri & (2nd half) at Siliguri, 27th November at Raiganj and 28th November at Malda. Let the meetings will be very successful with the active co-operations of local leaders and members.

Recently massive general body meetings held on 18th and 23rd November 2016 at TI Hall Kolkata among the members of two kolkata based major units e.g. Central North Zone and Central South Zone with full houses in view of ensuing 1st Membership Verification for obtaining the MAJORITY EXECUTIVE UNION STATUS and to appear as only bargaining agent in future. Both the meetings chaired by Com Debasish Sensharma, President, CNZ.

Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary addressed the house and remind the present members about the enormous importance of membership verification, vision, mission of the beloved association; he was also requested the members to cast their valuable votes to be No 1 majority union and also requested the members to invite the non-members to vote in favour of SNEA by their personal level. Recognition of SNEA as majority association is necessary to be chief bargainer for future growth of BSNL as well as for the financial benefits for our members i.r.t. ensuing 3rd PRC. He also told that, the SNEA have the capacity and courage to fight tooth and nail to remove the pay parity among the DR JTOs after the membership verification is over. 

The WB circle most dynamic leadership headed by Com Tapas Ghosh have already met the members at the different offices and establishments in Kolkata during this month to gear up the momentum of enthusiasm for the ensuing 1st Membership Verification and made earnest appeal to all the executives to cast their valuable votes for SNEA in Ballot Sl No 9 to uphold the unity & fraternity among the executives to keep fighting sprits and usher new hopes in future. Some formal meetings were held on 15th November at the O/o CGM Stores & Factory, Raniganj Coal House, 16th November at Gopalpur Telecom Factory, 21st November at Alipore Telecom Factory, 22nd November at CTTC & ITPC, Salt Lake and 23rd November (1st half) at Civil Wing, Kolkata office. Everywhere the comrades are welcomed our leaders and inspired the Circle Team for their overwhelming responses.  


5  NOV   2016

Circle office bearers meeting of SNEA, WB Circle will be held on 7/11/16 Monday at Telephone Bhavan. All Circle office bearers & CWC members are requested to attend the meeting to discuss on the issues which are being pursued by Circle HQ and specially on ensuing Executives' membership verification with other CHQ issues under persuasion.

All Zonal Secretaries are requested to collect the final Voter list from the respective office of SSA Head and also to mobilise the Executives in respect of ensuing Membership Verification.

Circle Secretary, ACS ( Com.P.K.Roy) and Com. Awon met GM(HR & Admin)/WBTC on 04.11.2016 and had detail discussion on -
(i) Ensuing Membership verification procedures to be implemented by WBTC,
(ii) Transfer Orders of the Executives in the cadre of JTO, SDE & DE who have already completed tenure service more than two years.
(iii) Arrangement of JTO Training for the qualified TTA candidates , recruited by WBTC through LICE,
(iv) Look after arrangement in the cadre of SDE & AGM/DE,
(v) Expedite the process of DPC of PPS and other issues.
GM(HR & Admin) assured to take necessary actions.

21  OCT   2016

Membership verification

Strengthen SNEA, Strengthen BSNL

Vote for SNEA, Vote for Unity


Procedure for conduction of Membership Verification for recognition of Majority representative Association of Executives in BSNL issued.

Postal ballot allowed liberally facilitating voting by all the Executives. Executives working beyond 20 KMs (or even less, working in sensitive posts like trans mtce, on touring jobs, switches etc) and Executives on maternity leave can opt for postal ballot.

All Zonal / District Secretaries, office bearers and activists are requested to identify the Executives working in distant places and required postal ballot facility and get their application approved by SSA Heads for postal ballot well in advance, i.e before 20 days (before 26.10.2016). Individual application for postal ballots are to be submitted.

7  OCT   2016

Meetings with the designated Circle Administration

Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary and Com. Awan met GM ( HR & Admin )/WBTC on 06.10.2016 and had a discussion on prayer transfer for SDEs as well as posting of SDEs those who are transferred to WBTC by recent order duly issued by the Corporate Office . They have requested to the GM ( HR & Admin ) to issue the transfer order for all the Executives who have already been completed their tenure in Hill Stations & Sikim and opted for their desired station of posting within WBTC jurisdiction. GM ( HR & Admin ) assured to take necessary actions in this regard. We have also requested to the GM ( HR & Admin ) to provide fixed schedule for subsequent meetings with her from our Association and She has principally agreed on this matter.
On that day Circle Secretary and Com. Awan met the DGM (Fin) / WBTC and highlighted the discrepancies in the transfer orders issued in recent past . TheDGM (Fin) assured to look into the matter. We also requested him to take necessary action on prayer transfer on consideration in medical grounds.

5  OCT   2016

Welcome to our executive fraternity

The new friends (successful LICE 2016 exam 1st batch) are most welcomed to become the beloved executive family members through their prescribed departmental trainings. The batch for pre-basic_I and pre-basic_II are going on at RTTC, Bhubaneswar. To extend our fraternity to the new friends, the Circle leadership promptly intervene and pressurized the CGMT WBTC office to replan and rearrange the JTO Phase_I training at CTTC, Salt Lake with the close consultation and confirmation from the Principal, CTTC, Salt Lake. Finally the competent authority of BRBRAITT, Jabalpur gave green signal to organise such training at CTTC, Salt Lake to give a great relief to the would be JTOs to a great extent. The trainees already express their great pleasure and satisfaction in this activities by the SNEA leadership, especially the long and strategic effort rendered by Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary. The training order have been posted at our Sancharika website, click for ORDER

1  OCT   2016

3 Day Long Hunger Fast # an overview

3 Day Long Hunger Fast from 27, 28 and 29 September 2016 at the call of United Forum of BSNL Executives, CHQ  observed  at various parts of WBTC BSNL Circle office, Kolkata and SSA headquarters with full of responsibilities, inspirations and enthusiasm. The most of the members of the SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGTOA and the leaders of the United Forum of Executives in BSNL participated all most everywhere. The members sat on the corridors / passages/ entrances of the respective offices patiently though out the days and heard the speeches given by the new and veteran leaders on the issues of our agitation program. A galaxy of new comrades came forward and others among SNEA gave lectures during the Day Long Hunger Fast. Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS(East) also spoke as our prominent speaker. Above all Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/SNEA gave a long lecture about this program and emphasis on the history of movements by the executive associations especially the long glorious  past of SNEA.

28 SEPT   2016

 WELCOME the new GM (HR & Admn)

On behalf of SNEA, WB Circle a strong delegation comprising of Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, Com M K Das, CWC member, Com P K Ray, ACS and Com Srikanta Awan met Smt. Pranati Das, the new GM (HR & Admn) after assuming her office at the WBT Circle office, Kolkata on 26 September 2016. They are welcome her for the new assignment in the Circle Office. The team also apprises her about the present HR issues prevailing in the WBTC and expected her prompt intervention to resolve the issues judicially and sympathetically with rational approach. It was also informed that, the past experience with this office was not so congenial, so, it is expected and assured that, the issues will be dealt with the gravity and service concerned in future. The delegation also conveyed the massage to the new GM (HR & Admn), WBTC that, SNEA would be rendered all sort of co-operations in this regard.

26 SEPT   2016

Call for active participations

All Circle Office Bearers, CWC members, Zonal Secretaries & Presidents and all activists are requested to mobilize our Comrades for observing the "Day Long Hunger Fast" agitational programme at BSNL Circle/SSA headquarters on 27th, 28th and 29th September,2016. Comrades working in WBTC,ETR, ETP, TF, T&D, ITPC, NODAL(mobile), Electrical, Civil, Architecture outside Kolkata will attend the said agitational programme at their respective SSA HQ and Comrades of the mentioned Circles working in Kolkata will attend the programme at Circle Office of WBTC - hope all Executives will make the programme a grand success

24 SEPT   2016

Circle Body of SNEA WB was on tour to different SSAs for last few months for mobilisation of our Comrades in respect of ensuring membership verification of Executives and they were on tour to Kharagpur on 22nd & 23rd Sept'16. On 23rd at 10AM KGP Zone arranged a meeting at Kharagpur Telecom Factory. Circle Secy, Jt. Secy(East), Vice President Com. Kajol Chakraborty, Asst Circle Secy Com. P K Roy, Com. Srikanta Awon along with Zonal Secy Com A L Khatua attended the meeting. All members were present in the meeting and discussion took place on different issues which are under strong persuasion of CHQ. Circle Secy in his short speech discussed on the ensuing organisational program like membership verification and others. Activists of the Tele Factory assured to try their level best to increase the membership before verification. After that a General Body meeting was organised by the KGP Zone in the conference hall of Kharagpur GM office. All members of the Zone were present in the meeting. A good no of Executives from younger generation in Telecom engineering as well as Account establishment joined in our Association and made our Kharagpur organisation a strongest one. Zonal Body did a splendid job under the leadership of Com. A L Khatua for our SNEA organisation. Circle Body conveyed their Congratulations to newly joined Comrades with expectation on inclusion of more executives in our folder. Asst Circle Secy Com. B N Singh also joined in our Circle Body team on 23rd and delivered his speech in the meeting. Other Circle and CHQ Office bearers also addressed the meeting. Circle Secy elaborately discussed on the historic struggles fought in last four decades by our Association and the future vision of the SNEA. He also narrated the issues yet to resolve for the younger executives. Circle Secretary addressed the most important issue of pay anomaly in respect of starting Basic Pay in between the JTOs recruited prior & post 01.01.2007. He expressed our ultimate goal to achieve the same starting Basic Pay in the Cadre of JTO/JAO irrespective of date of joining. Colourful printed Manifesto was distributed to all the members. Most attractive session of the Meeting was the speeches delivered by the young stars of the Zone and some young guest executive of Kharagpur SSA.

Zonal Secy of Central South Zone, Com J K Mahajan met with DGM(Finance), ETP Kolkata in his chamber today on 24/9/16 along with Asst Circle Secy, Com P K Roy, Asst Zonal Secy, Com Ranjan Mallik to discuss on some issues related to the members of ETP unit. Though DGM(F) has taken his charge only a few days ago but he assured us to solve the problem very soon. They also met AGM(Admin), ETP Kolkata.

22 SEPT   2016

Meeting with CGMT/WBTC

Circle Secretary COM. TAPAS GHOSH, Astt. Circle Secretary COM P K ROY AND COM S AWAN MET the CGM, WBTC ON 16/09/2016 &19/09/2016 and PROLONGED DISCUSSION TOOK PLACE on BOTH the DAYS on the following issues







21 SEPT   2016



16   SEPT   2016

An appeal from the Circle Secretary, SNEA (WBC)

GRAND MELA for boosting SIM sale at each SDCA on 26/09/2016 & 27/09/2016 and it is requested to all executives and employees of WBTC to make the Grand Mela a grand success; please see the CIRCULAR


15   SEPT   2016

Meeting with DGM(F)/WBTC

Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary and Com. Awon met DGM(F)/WBTC on 14.09.2016 to discuss the issues regarding training of newly promoted JAOs, request transfer cases and the discrepancies of the recently issued transfer order etc. DGM(F) assured to take necessary measures on the issues discussed.

12   SEPT   2016

Annual General Body meeting of Durgapur Zone was held on 10.09.2016 at T.R.C Hall, Telecom Administrative Building, City Centre . Almost all the beloved Comrades of Durgapur Zone were present in the meeting. Zonal Secretary and Zonal President of Burdwan Zone, Zonal President of Asansol Zone, Zonal Secretary & Treasurer of Central South Zone and Comrades of neighbouring Zones were also present in the August house. The meeting was started by the welcome address of Com. Ujjwal Kumar Maji, President of Durgapur Zone and then Com. A.T. Bandapodhyay as Zonal Secretary of Durgapur Zone placed his report before August House on Zonal activities for the tenure. Prolong discussion took place on Zonal Secretary's report in respect of HR and Service issues as well as on service development & maintenance. Some suggestions were given by the Comrades for the revival & survival of our services. It was assured by Circle Body to pursue with the competent authority at Circle Office for implementation of suggestions at the earliest possible time to improve service in different fields. On behalf of Circle Body Circle Secretary, Vice President, South Bengal Organising Secy, Asstt. Circle Secy and CWC member were present and addressed the house on recent issues of SHQ & CHQ specifically on the most important organisational issue of ensuring 1st membership verification of Executives of BSNL. The house unanimously elected Com. Ravi Lochan Mondal, Com. Ujjwal Kumar Maji and Com. Samir Kanti Mukhapadhyay as Zonal President, Zonal Secretary and Zonal Treasurer of Durgapur Zone for the next tenure. See the photo1 and photo2

A special general body meeting of SNEA took place at Burdwan Main Exchange building TRC Hall on 11/09/2016 in presence of Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, Com Kajal chakraborty, Vice President of SNEA/WBC, Com Srikanta Awan, Com J K Mahajan from Central South Zone, leaders of Asansol and Durgapur Zones. There were several issues discussed among the present members of the zones with very very cordial and cohesive atmosphere. Com Tapas Ghosh once again reminded all the members and fellow executives from that zone the there were very much glorious and victorious past of the movements by the SNEA only for last 4 decades through the journeys from JETA to SNEA, he have also reminded about the foresighted and  strategic movements by the strong and dynamic leadership for the upliftment of the basic cadre JTO on the top priority as to get the benefits to all higher cadre automatically, above all he also reminded the comrades for taking active participation in the ensuing membership verification of Executive Association  in BSNL apart from their any sort of inconveniences.

7   SEPT   2016

 HIGHLIGHTS of Two days long DHARNA

Two days long Dharna, part of United Forum of BSNL Executives, CHQ program observed  on September 06 and 07, 2016 at various parts of WBTC BSNL Circle office, Kolkata and SSA headquarters with full of inspirations and enthusiasm. The members of the SNEA, AIBSNLEA, AIGTOA and the leaders of the United Forum of Executives in BSNL participated all most everywhere. The members sat on the corridors / passages/ entrances of the respective offices patiently though out the days and heard the speeches given by the new and veteran leaders on the issues of our agitation program. Com P K Roy, Com Awan, Com B N Singh, Com Asis Sarbadhikari, Com J K Mahajan and others among SNEA gave lectures during the Dharna program. Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS(East) also spoke as our prominent speaker. Above all Com Tapas Ghosh, CS/SNEA gave a long lecture about this program and emphasis on the history of movements by the executive associations especially the long glorious  past of SNEA.

The Dharna program ended with a views and oath to carry on the long struggle to achieve the demands in future and to take active part in the forthcoming Day Long Hunger Fast from 27, 28 and 29 September 2016 in the same venues.


31  AUG   2016

Recent issues with Administration by Circle Secretary

Circle Secretary, ACS and Com Awan met with DGM(Finance)/WBTC on 30/08/2016. Discussion took place regarding discrepancy related to recent transfer order issued by finance wing. DGM(F), he assured to look into it and resolve accordingly. There were also some strong persuasion on clearance of pending medical bills etc. 

Circle Secretary, ACS and Com Awan met with GM(EB & Marketing)/ WBTC on 31.08.2016 and strongly recommended different marketing strategy to be taken immediately for revival of WBTC . Discussions also took place regarding few staff issues; The GM assured to look into the matter and resolve as soon as possible.


Solidarity and support to the General Strike on 02.09.2016 by the Central Trade Unions.

Central Trade Unions decided for one day strike on 02.09.2016 with various demands including No disinvestment of CPSEs, minimum wages, strict enforcement of labour laws and no amendment to labour laws, no merger of banks etc. All the issues are so serious and having direct impact on BSNL when Govt very seriously thinking about strategic sale.

SNEA decided to extend solidarity and support to the strike by joining the demonstration or holding separate demonstrations wherever possible.


29  AUG   2016

Message Board : from General Secretary : SNEA

                Our tireless efforts during last few months in meeting with management at various levels on CPSU hierarchy given very good results. In the draft, most of our demands and suggestions accepted. They are :

                This achievements can be given wide publicity among all. Our demand is to have AGM promotion also time bound so that all the SDEs in list 6 &7 can be promoted together


Message Board : from Circle Secretary : SNEA/WBC

In the process of 1st membership verification of Executives as per Corporate Office order - Circle Office sent to SSA heads the list of Executives working in the SSA under WBTC, ETR, ETP, Civil, Electrical, T&D, ITPC, TF, TS etc for Checking and subsequently inclusion or exclusion as needed - please pursue with SSA head and make the list errorless considering all the eligible voters (Executives) working in your SSA , not only under WBTC but under all establishment as stated above - applicable in your SSA. 



26  AUG   2016


Our major demands and suggestions are accepted by the management to great extent:

Draft proposal on CPSU Hierarchy upto AGM Grade.


a)  Time Bound Functional promotion to SDE/AO, Sr SDE/Sr AO and AGM/CAO after completion of 5 years of service.

b)  Promotions delinked from seniority.

c)  Promotions delinked from availability of posts, fully upto Sr SDE/Sr AO grade.

SNEA suggestions accepted by the management

1)  First promotion immediately on implementation itself, without DPC, for the Executives working in higher scales. Example: JTO in E2A scale. Immediately he will be promoted as SDE w/o DPC. This will give great relief to thousands and thousands of JTOs, SDEs, JAOs and AOs waiting for promotions for years together.

2)  For the Executives working in two or more higher scales, two years relaxation in the qualifying service for the second promotion. Example: A JTO in E3 scale. Immediately he will be promoted as SDE w/o DPC and he will be promoted as Sr SDE after 3 years of service as SDE (relaxation of 2 years).

3)  Change of designation for each grade.

4)  Uniform date of promotion, 1st January or 1st July. Similarly uniform date of increment, 1st January or 1stJuly. In future, anomalies will not be there.

5)  DPCs decentralised to respective Circles.


Challenges in the draft CPSU proposal, to be addressed in totality:

a) Time Bound Functional promotion to AGM grade for the existing SDE/AOs having 10 years of combined service as SDE/Sr SDE or AO/Sr AO without linking with the availability of posts. As and when remaining SDE/AOs completes 10 years, promotion to AGM grade.

b) To get the CPSU Hierarchy upto AGM grade as recommended by the Khan Committee, processed first, separately, w/o linking with the promotions to higher grades. Promotions to higher grades are to be dealt separately, later.

c)  Increasing the number of DGM posts to atleast 2000.

d)After implementation of CPSU Hierarchy upto AGM, processing the promotions from DGM onwards with necessary changes.

These outstanding issues are to be settled. UF comprising of SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA is committed to that and our struggles will lead to its resolution

24  AUG   2016

“Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations”

Lunch hour demonstration observed on 23rd August 2016 with very good and jubilant participations by all section of members of SNEA along with AIBSNLEA and AIGTOA at CGMT/ WBTC Kolkata office, SSA headquarters and other major BSNL premises like Durgapur in particular. The slogans and shouting roaring over the walls of the all corners of those premises with crusading moods for the early implementation of our esteemed demands e.g. standard pay scales of E2 and E3 , 30% superannuation benefits, implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy. All the eminent leaders of constituent Associations were also present to lead the march. Com Shivkant Sukla (AIGOTA), Com Aniruddha Basu (AIBSNLEA) and Com Tapas Ghosh (SNEA) explained the pros and corns about this movement, Our leader com Tapas Ghosh also reminded the gathering about the sustained movement and achievements for last 4 decades for the upliftment of status and scales for the JTO and SDE cadre at the  circle office corridor program. Com Swapan Kumar Bose extended the vote of thanks to all of the members with the views that, these movement is meant for the all the executive cadres irrespective of technical, PA/PS and accounts wings. The circle leaderships issued the notice to the Head of the circle in this regard on behalf of United Forum of Executive and Non-executive Associations. View the NOTICE

19  AUG   2016

@@ ALL Office bearers,CWC members, Zonal members, activists are requested to participate at CGMT/WBTC office & SSA HQ on 6 & 7 Sep'16  FULL DAY DHARNA @@


United Forum of BSNL Executive Associations comprising SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA  served notice for organizational actions protesting against the inordinate delay in implementation of

a) standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO, SDE and equivalent cadres,

b) 30% superannuation benefit for BSNL Recruited Employees and

c) implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first TBP.


1. Immediate replacement of intermediary pay scales of E1-A and E2-A by standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 as per the recommendation of the Joint Committee.

2. Extending 30% Superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited Employees as per the recommendation of 2nd PRC.

3. Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and first Time Bound Promotion as per the recommendation of Joint committee.

Organizational actions and schedule:

“Lunch/Closing Hour Demonstrations” at BSNLCO/Circle/SSA Headquarters and other major Centres on 23rd August, 2016.

Full day Dharna at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA Headquarters on 06th & 07th September, 2016.

 “Day Long Hunger Fast” at BSNL CO/Circle/SSA headquarters on 27th, 28th and 29th September, 2016.

12  AUG   2016

General body meeting of SNEA, West Bengal circle

The long cherished General body meeting of SNEA, West Bengal circle held on 12 August 2016 at TI Hall, CTO Kolkata with overwhelming enthusiasm and jubilant presence by the members irrespective of all age groups and cadres of  Kolkata based zones, representatives from different zonal bodies of SNEA and  a good number of members of SNEA, Kolkata Telephones circles.   The  session was chaired by Com Kajal Chakraborty, President SNEA WBC. Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary welcomed the CHQ leaders on behalf of WB circle committee and tuned the zeal of the house among the huge gathering. It took off with addresses by CHQ office bearers Com A A Khan , President, Com Sebastin K, General Secretary  and Com G L Jogi, Chairman, SNEA, CHQ.

On their speeches they have mentioned the long glorious history and victorious journey  from erstwhile JETA to TEOA then SNEA vis a vis  upliftment of status Group C to Gazetted  Group B and now as executive, change of Pay Scales accordingly  time to time by the DoT and now BSNL. They have also mentioned the struggle on eradication of Pay anomalies, demands for E2, E3 standard pay scales, 30% superannuation benefits for the BSNL recruited executives, demanding 100% internal recruitment in the cadre of MT, pension revision in 3rd PRC, pay fixation for officiating JTOs, pay protection when the executives were in Officiating status, grant of notional effect from 01.10.2000 for the Civil/Electrical/Architecture wing executives, regularization of promotion for the cadre of JTO etc.

Above all the CHQ leaders remind us the responsibilities and tasks to ensure the number one positions for SNEA in the forthcoming and 1st membership verification of executives in BSNL for the sake of all employees, customers, organization and above all for the nations in future. So, there will be no scope to be given to anybody to remain keep away from the main stream. For the sake of all of us irrespective of  BSNL absorbed or BSNL recruited (pre and post 2007 cadre) we should uphold the position as number one for SANCHAR NIGAM EXECUTIVE ASSOCITION in the coming days.

14  AUG   2016

CEC meeting of SNEA, West Bengal circle

The Circle Executive Meeting Started on 13/08/2016 morning at TI Hall, CTO with great enthusiasm and spirit following the grand success of the GB meeting in the previous evening.

The meeting started with hoisting of flag of SNEA by Com Kajal Chakraborty, President SNEA(I)WB. The morning session was chaired by Com Chakraborty. It took off with addresses by CHQ office bearers Com Sebastin K, GS, Com A A Khan , President and Com G L Jogi, Chairman, SNEA. Com Sebastin reiterated the association’s stand on different key HR issues and highlighted the latest updates on E2-E3 standard pay scale, PSE Cadre hierarchy, 3rd PRC, superannuation benefits of BSNL recruited executives, Pay anomaly of 2007-08 recruited JTOs etc. He further urged members to mobilize themselves as also other members for ensuing Membership Verification. He pledged to make all-out effort to obtain land sliding majority. Com GS has urged members to equally look into the growth of BSNL so that we can be better placed during 3rd PRC. President Com A A Khan emphasized on earlier struggles of this association and requested to involve in ground level activities to achieve great majority in Membership Verification. Chairman Com G L Jogi has emphatically told that this organization was instrumental in achieving demands of executives in past numerous occasions and called for unanimous solidarity for future struggles. He also urged members of WBTC & CTD to contribute to the growth of the company in large extent. AGS Com S Sanyal also inspired the members through his informative speech.

The second session starts with reports from Zonal Secretaries of West Bengal Telecom Circle. All ZSs highlighted membership status in their respective zones along with present problems/difficulties faced while working in field. The major points discussed were Mobile network problem, Media problem due to random fiber cut, Broadband issue, acute staff shortage, absence of adequate equipment and spares/stores, ERP related issues, unlisted labours issues etc. CS Com Tapas Ghosh addressed every individual issue and promised to look into the cases to have a solution.

 On the second day of the Executive meeting the morning session was addressed by  Sri R N Jha, CGM, WBTC and  Sri B K Behra, GM(Mobile), WBTC. They have elaborately discussed the current problems faced by WBTC e.g. BTS problem, Media outage, Equipment and staff shortage issue. He also emphasized how these issues were pursued with BSNL management and prospective remedial measures for these.

The second half was an interactive session. Executive members of SNEA(I)WB has raised their work related grievances and other field problems. CGM gave them a patient hearing and responded in a very positive manner to address those issues.


    Com G L JOGI, Chairman SNEA(CHQ)      Leaders of SNEA on dais on GB Meeting : 12 Aug 2016   Com K SEBASTIN, GS SNEA(CHQ)

 A section of enthusiasts on GB meeting  Com Kajal Chakraborty & Com Tapas Ghosh  Respected Sri R N Jha, CGMT, WBTC



4  AUG   2016

MEETING WITH Chief Engineer (E)

       The Circle Secretary, Astt. Circle Secretary(E), Zonal Secretary and President of Central North Zone met the Chief Engineer (Electrical), BSNL CTD/WBTC in his chamber on 04 August 2016.

     This is the first official meeting hold with the  present Chief  Engineer(E) Sri S.K.Biswas, since his joining. The Chief  Engineer(E) welcomed all office bearers in his chamber. The following points were discussed . 

1) Pension case of Late  Diganta Banerjee,JTO(E): The  association expressed very much dissatisfaction in regard of  progress  of the  case . Though the matter was taken  up with the  previous  Chief  Engineers(E)  also  but, remarkable  progress  was  not  achieved  .The  CE(E)  was  intimated  about  the sufferings  of  the  family  of  late  Diganta  Banerjee .The CE(E) has also expressed his great concern about the matter  and  assured the Association  that  case will  be  processed  on top priority basis . 

2) Request transfer cases of JTO(E) and SDE(E): The association represented the request transfer cases of JTO(E) s  and  SDE(E) s  and  the  CE(E)  also  agreed  to  consider  the  cases  in  a  favourable direction as far as possible .

3) Provision  of  Vehicle for BTS maintenance: The  CE(E)  has  expressed  his  satisfaction  over  the  remarkable  performance  of  electrical field  units in regard  of maintenance  of BTSs.  He  has  assured  to  take  up  the matter  in  appropriate  level  in  appropriate  time so that case is get approved.

4) Posting of EE(E) at Asansol division : The  CE(E)  has  assured  that  the  matter  is  under  process  and solution  is  expected soon .

The discussion was held in a very peaceful atmosphere .  The CE(E) has assured his full co operation with SNEA WBC in future also.

On the other hand the association has also assured its full cooperation as and  when required.


1  AUG   2016


STORNGLY OPPOSE the Move for strategic sale / Disinvestment of




Join in MASS DEMONSTRATION ON 03.08.2016 at BSNLHQ, Circle / SSA HQs by the call of Forum of BSNL Unions/Assns and MTNL Unions/Assn. It was decided to strongly oppose any move for strategic sale/disinvestment of BSNL or MTNL. Make extensive preparations—stop the Govt from the move at the beginning itself.


22 JULY   2016

A fruitful and effective meeting with CGMT(WBTC)

Com Tapas Ghosh Circle secretary and Com Srikanta Awan  met with the Chief General Manager Telecom, WBTC on 22.07.2016 at his office for immediate intervention for resolving the following issues without any further delay :

After a prolonged and thread bare discussion the hon'ble CGMT agreed and assured us that, he will take necessary steps to resolve the above issues without any more delays.

19 JULY   2016

sanctioning authority of temporary advance

Com Tapas Ghosh Circle secretary along with Com Srikanta Awan and Com P K Ray met with the DGM (Finance), WBTC on 19.07.2016 at his office for immediate intervention for resolving the issue for re-fixing sanctioning authority of temporary advance after implementation in ERP module. The representatives of SNEA strongly opine to continue the sanctioning authority as SSA heads instead of BA heads. The team also showed the related circulars issued by the BSNL HQ, New Delhi to the DGM (Finance) as a ready reference. view order copy >>>>>

15 JULY   2016

MEETING WITH Chief Engineer (C)

The circle secretary, Asst. circle secretaries (Com. Santanu Chakaraborty and Com P K Ray) met the Chief Engineer (Civil), WBTC on 15.07.2016 at the O/o CE(C)/KOLKATA and discussed the following issues :

The Chief Engineer (Civil) assured to take necessary steps to resolve the said issues at the earliest possible time.

14 JULY   2016

prime causes for our under development

BSNLEU, WB Circle committee organized a seminar on the topics "Development & Expansion of BSNL Services in West Bengal" at TI Hall, CTO Building on 14th July 2016. The honb'le CGMTs of WBTC, ETR and ETP were also invited and present in that august house as 1st occasion  after assuming their respective offices along with the eminent leaders of constituent unions and associations under Joint Forum, WB circle who were sharing the Dias.

Com Tapas Ghosh, circle secretary mainly focused on the issues related to proper utilization of manpower under BSNL West Bengal for the maintenance and development activities. He was also traced on absence of taking proper actions and measurers by the administration and higher management on of the prime causes for our under development in BSNL WB circle.


9 JULY   2016

A brainstorming session on membership verification

Com Sankar Sanyal , AGS-East, CHQ, Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, WBC  and Com Dilip Saha, Circle Secretary, CTC  went to New Delhi for attending the most important meeting with CHQ office bearers along with  Circle Secretaries on 9th July 2016. A brainstorming session was conducted on membership verification for executives and all the CSs and CHQ OBs participated actively. CHQ President and Chairman gave a motivating address on various issues. Many of the Circles have conducted their CEC meetings and remaining will be completed during this month. The CHQ Office bearers will be attending the CEC meetings. After the CEC meetings, the CSs will tour the SSAs by organizing SSA meetings and followed by Branch meetings. The CHQ Office Bearers along with the concerned CS and office bearers will be attending all Major SSA and branch meetings.                                                    

7   JULY   2016

Our Demand became reality now

After a prolonged, sincere and continuous process of negotiation with the CHQ by the circle leadership, they able to clinch the hurdles for acute non-availability of executive cadres in the rest of West Bengal Telecom service area except the Kolkata TD zone where the executives are working also under WBTC. The Jt. GM (Pers I) BSNL, New Delhi issued an order for calling option from the executives now posted rest of India to serve in WBTC except Kolkata area by 31.08.2016. The opted candidates will have to enjoy the facilities as existing in NE region presently. See the order copy >>>>>>




Finally Union Cabinet approved Revision of pension of BSNL Pensioners and removed the important 60:40 ceiling


Union Cabinet today approved the revision of pension of BSNL pensioners and family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 by allowing the benefit of merger of 50% IDA/DR with Basic Pay/ Pension, effectively amounting to 78.2% IDA/DR for the purpose of fitment, and (ii) Modifying the liability of BSNL towards the payment of pension benefits to the retired employees. The pension of BSNL pensioners/family pensioners, who retired prior to 10.06.2013 has been revised w.e.f. 01.01.2007 notionally with actual benefit w.e.f. 10.06.2013. However, increase in the amount of DCRG, leave encashment and commutation of pension in respect of these pensioners shall not be increased on this account.

The 60:40 condition introduced by a Cabinet decision in 2005 is removed now, by the present cabinet decision, a big relief to BSNL as well as the BSNL pensioners. The additional pension burden which would have come on the shoulders of BSNL by the 60:40 clause is removed now. The pension revision on 78.2% is mainly delayed for this matter only as Dept of expenditure and Finance Ministry was not inclined for this and making objections. DoT, especially Smt Annie Moraes, Member(Fin) played a very crucial role in removal of this 60:40 condition. Ex Secretary, DoT, Shri Rakesh Garg also supported us.

reports source :


JALPAIGURI zone (District) Annual General Body Meeting was  held on 26 Jun 2016 at Jalpaiguri Telephone Exchange in presence of all members and the leaders from the WB Circle committee. Several issues were discussed including the achievements of the zone, circle and CHQ, local issues including the exchange, mobile BTS, cables including OFC were came up. The unanimous election of the next zonal body was also held with full of zeal and hope. It was also emphasizes to take very very active part in the 1st membership verification program from the zone in favour of our esteemed organization SNEA . The list of the newly elected committee  >>>>>>                             

3   JULY   2016

an warm welcome to Com G L JOGI

A special general body meeting of SNEA took place at Siliguri Main Exchange building TRC Hall on 02/07/2016 in presence of Com G L Jogi, chairman, CHQ. The meeting was attended by comrades of Siliguri, Jalpaiguri and Gangtok zones. Members gave an warm welcome Com Jogi and facilitated him. Com Jogi on his speech explained in details the glorious history of struggle of the ASSOCIATION and stressed the need to carry out in coming days to achieve the present issues. The meeting was presided by Com Hiten Chakraborty, vice president, Siliguri zone, there were some other leaders present at that meeting namely Com Mihir Bose, CWC member, Com Samiran Sarkar,  Organising secretary,  veteran Com Mihir Nandi among others presence like to be mentioned here.  


25   JUNE   2016

JALPAIGURI zone (District) Annual General Body Meeting will be held on 26 Jun 2016 at Jalpaiguri Telephone Exchange  building with the strong and vibrant comrades from the all corners of JPG Telecom District. The Circle leaders comprising of Com Tapas Ghosh, P.K.Ray and Srikanta Awan will be present and exchange views on organisation, developments and ensuing membership verification process; Com Sankar Sanyal, AGS, CHQ will also be present as special guest.


On 24 June 2016 Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary along with Com P K Ray met the G.M. HR WBTC at Kolkata Circle office on pending HR issues specially on transfer & posting of executives also on pending Look after cases.



BSNL notified the recruitment of 2700 Junior Engineers (TTAs) from open market.

Starting of online Application  : 10.07.2016

Last date of online Registration: 10.08.2016

Date of Online test             : 25.09.2016


17   JUNE   2016


Com K SEBASTIN, General Secretary, SNEA, CHQ gave his kind consent to address the august house on present scenario of BSNL and on the latest development on HR and other issues in the CEC of SNEA,CTC at Telcom Institute Hall, 3rd floor of CTO Building, Kolkata - 700001. We are also invited by the organizers of that meeting to attend their gathering in befitting manner on 18 June 2016 : 2-00 pm . Let us take the opportunity to be present the maximum numbers of executives specially from Kolkata and nearer to Kolkata based units / branches before the house with full of enthusiasm and support to strengthen the hands of our beloved General Secretary and our esteemed organisation SNEA in view of ensuing membership verification aspect and so on.

            All the office bearers of the WBC and CWC members are requested to attend the said meeting in time.





    General Body Meeting at TI Hall, CTO/KOL with members of Central South Zone :21 June 2016 with circle secretary Com Tapas Ghosh, Zonal Secretary Com J K Mahajan alongwith few comrades of CTO based CN Zone a.o.      General Body Meeting at SILIGURI Exchange with members of Siliguri Zone :25 June 2016 with Circle secretary Com Tapas Ghosh, AGS (East) Com Sankar Sanyal, Zonal secretary Com Sandipan Bhattacherjee and other prominent leaders on dias.   General Body Meeting at KRISHNAGAR TRC with members of Krishnagar Zone :02 July 2016 with circle secretary Com Tapas Ghosh, Asst Circle secretary Com P K Ray and Zonal Secretary Ranjit Sen a.o.


11   JUNE   2016



3rd PRC constituted by DPE under the Chairmanship of Justice Satish Chandra (Retd) . SNEA, a constituent member of NCOA served notice of trade Union action demanding immediate constitution of 3rd PRC. In this direction a protest demonstration was held on 1st June 2016 with a series of FAX campaigns from all over the country. Salient terms of reference:  

1. The Committee will make its recommendations to the Government within a period of six months from the date of its constitution and have its headquarters in Delhi. 
2. The decision of the Government on the recommendations of the Committee will take effect from 1.1.2017. 


All the affiliates of NCOA (SNEA, MTNL, BHEL, BEL, NTPC etc.) are as much committed to and fully involved in constitution of 3rd PRC and future struggles have to be very formidable since the real challenge lies in ensuring that wage revision is completely delinked from profitability of CPSUs. 3rd PRC had to be compelled to follow the yardstick of 7th CPC. Let us start gearing up for what surely is going to be a protracted and ferocious struggle and in this struggle SNEA will be at the centre stage in mobilizing and organizing future struggles.

9 JUNE 2016


One Day Dharna demanding Constitution of 3rd PRC:



Make extensive preparations for the Dharna on 22.06.2016 in front of DPE office, New Delhi and Circle / SSA HQs. All our members should participate in the Dharna to make it a grand success. Executives from all the CPSUs will be joining the Dharna. We have to create tremendous pressure on the Govt to  constitute 3rd PRC. The proposal is with the PMO since October but Govt is not taking decision on this important matter. This is a do or die situation for the Executives as our entire future depending on 3rd PRC.




7  JUNE 2016

Excerpts of last Circle Office Bearers meeting :: 03 June 2016

One technical committee is being formed in the last WB Circle office bearers meeting to compile and publish TECHNICAL NOTE BOOK # 2016 to highlight the technical aspect, data, O & M procedures of different Telecom Services and switches. It was also decided that, this book will be available within July 2016 for all our members and well wishers on free of costs through the elected committees of district / zonal / circle level to usher the new ideas in our sector.

The WB Circle committee emphasises for holding numerous members interactions through unit / branch / zonal level formal and informal meetings. Circle representatives also may be present in those meetings as and when requested by the district / zonal office bearers. Comrades, there should be no stone unturned and no more ideas, grievances would be un addressed as per the guideline of CHQ leaders.


1  JUNE 2016

Reports on meeting between CGMT/WBTC and SNEA + others

On invitation from the respected Chief general Manager, WB Telecom Circle a delegation comprising of three most experienced comrade of SNEA,WB Circle body namely Com Tapas Ghosh, Com P K Ray and Com Srikanta Awan leaded our circle representation along with the other service associations of executives and non-executives of BSNL in West Bengal in a homely meeting at the conference hall of the CGMT/WBTC on 29.05.2016.

The preface of the meeting was on the post analysis of the outcome from the HOCC meet which was held in New Delhi with the head of the circles of BSNL in presence of honb'le MOC & IT Govt. of India was held on 24-25, May 2016.

Our honb'le CGMT expressed his hope and grief over the present scenario of -ve growth at WBTC in contrary of most of the circles even in A & N circle who have turned towards +ve i.r.t. last quarter operational profit. He was also expressed his expectation to turn the grim situations from the very good disciplined and dedicated workforce from our circle team.

Our beloved circle secretary strongly supported the ideas and decision making abilities of the CGMT, WBTC and expressed our full fledged strong members supports to turn the table for the development in WBTC. He also assured that, all support to be extended for any  administrative measures which could be taken up by the CGMT at least with prior discussion with our association. The acute shortage of executive cadre must be considered by BSNL and let the whole WBTC be declared as tenure to post the fresh executive from other circles for 2-3 years span. Electrical problems will be disasters for us if we could not take a war footings on remedial activities on AC machines, power plants modules and correction of exchange earthing.

Our CGMT accepted and supported our proposals and assured the house that, he will give most importance on these issues even with the BSNL, New Delhi also.                            

1  JUNE 2016

            All the office bearers of the WBC are requested to attend the said meeting.


26  MAY 2016s

Circle Secretary, Asst Circle Secretaries (Com P.K.Roy) & Srikanta Awan met on 25.05.2016 with the GM (HR & Admn) WBTC to discuss on HR issues to be resolved of our beloved comrades specially of JPG, CAL, KGP, ASL SSAs. We were also discussed on procedures to be adopted on wages payments issue of casual labours  through ERP, transfer issues of JTOs & SDEs, DPC for training centre, CAF section related issue and some APAR related issues. We placed the issues with sufficient logic and arguments. The GM (HR & Admn) also assured us to solve the issues as early as possible.

23rd   MAY  2016

We wish wholehearted success for the TTA candidates, who were appear online examination on 22.05.2016 (sunday) in the TTA to JTO LICE being conducted in WBTC with rest of the Circles in BSNL except Bihar Tele Circle. Let the results, trainings and joining to the executive family may be finalized without any more delay and their esteemed services for the development of BSNL and our association will be the most cherished and major event in the forthcoming days.

20th      MAY 2016

The Circle Secretary and Assistant Circle secretary met DGM/FIN/WBTC and had a prolonged discussion on the process of implementation of ERP in all SSAs and Circle office. Our executives working in the cadre of SDE in WBTC are facing several problems regarding payment on maintenance and wages through temporary advance. We requested on priority basis to increase the PIS (post implementation support) limit atleast upto Rs.40,000/- and posting of regular CAO at Asansol and Malda, Besides this, some pending prayer transfer cases where also discussed. It was assured that, necessary actions on the issues discussed to be taken as early as possible.

As per NCOA call, SNEA given FAX message to Sri Anant G Geete, Hon Minister for HI and PE with copy to Hon PM, Hon FM, Cabinet Secretary, Secretary/DPE etc demanding immediate Constitution of 3rd PRC. The next programmes will be as under:

GS writes Sri Bandaru Dattatreya, Hon Minister for Labour demanding amendment to the Gratuity Act to remove the maximum ceiling for Payment of Gratuity.

12th      MAY 2016

 Congratulations Comrades, 

One of the most expected administrative approval is given by the competent authority to implement E2, E3 pay scales replacing E1A and E2A. This is the direct impact of our agitation conducted on 11th May 2016. The proposal will be placed before the MC of BSNL Board for approval. # WB Circle executive committee


11th          MAY 2016

Comrades of Kolkata working in WBTC, ETR, ETP, Civil, Electrical etc. observed demonstration and dharna at the CGMT/WBTC office and comrades of different SSAs  also observed the demonstration at their respective SSA headquarters today as per CHQ call. Circle and SSA portfolio holders and activists addressed the gathering at their respective places on the developments of the long pending HR issues submitted BSNL management as our charter of demand. 

Everybody expressed the ensuing agitational programme to be observed sincerely to resolve the issues early. All circle office bearers, CWC members, zonal secretaries, Zonal office bearers and activists are requested to make all out preparations for the success of the ensuing agitation. 

11th          MAY 2016

The Circle Secretary and Asst Circle Secretary met CGM/WBTC on 10.05.2016 to discuss the overall issues regarding services in WBTC . We apprise CGMT regarding problems faced by the executives to resolves the media problem as well as issues regarding faulty power plants and modules, AC machines. We also discussed HR issues. The CGMT assured to take necessary actions in this regard.


Make all out preparations for the success of the Mass Dharna on 11.05.2016 at BSNLCO, Circle /SSA HQs. Resolution of the issues fully depends upon the success of the TU programmes. All important issues like promotions, pay scales, CPSU Hierarchy and 1st TBP, pay protection, memebership verification, notion pay etc etc are pending for years together.

LIST OF MEMBERS  DONATED FOR CHQ NEW BUILDING FUND   :-Click here for the list>>>>>>>>>>

LIST OF MEMBERS DONATED FOR SHQ WELFARE FUND:          -Click here for the list>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to GM(Fin.)/WBTC regarding the norms to be followed for

transfer and posting of the Executives in Accounts wing:                      Click here for the letter>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to GM (MSD-CM)/WBTC regarding proper utilization of our man power for revenue growth in mobile :                                                          Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>

GM(MSD-CM) in response wrote a letter to GMT/CAL SSA as a proposal on a Pilot Project/Scheme namely "PROJECT BRAMA" for special drive to increase SIM selling and New connections.   

                                                                                                                Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to Chief Engineer (Civil) on SDE(C) and JTO(C) transfer policy as well as proper utilisation of the Executives working in Civil wing in WBTC:-Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to Chief Engineer (Elec.)  regaring the issues to be resolved pending since long in Electrical wing in CTD/WBTC:-                                              Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to CGM/WBTC regarding enhancement for CM products sale in WBTC by utilizing our own man power and inactive retailers as well as implementation of 'BRAMA PROJECT' in all the SSAs in WBTC :-                                                                             Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to GS/CHQ regarding issues to be pursued at BSNL CO level  by CHQ for the Accounts & Finance cadre  :                                                            Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to Executive Director (New Business) regarding  abnormal delay in  conduction of LDCE  for promotion from JTO(TF) to SDE(TF) as well as his personal intervention for early conduction of LDCE :                                                                                           Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to CGM/WBTC  to redeploy   the infrastructure of the exiting USO sites in commercially viable areas or to close 108 USO BTSs where BSNL is not radiating at all but expenditure of Rs. 1.5 Cr is being incurred as establishment cost per annum by WBTC :- Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to CGM/WBTC regarding upgradation and proper maintenance of land line network for better service to LL customers :-                                 Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to CGM/WBTC regarding  stepping up the pay of the Seniors to the level of their Juniors in the cadre of JAO :                                                            Click here for the letter>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to CGM/WBTC regarding  measures to be taken for revival of WBTC as discussed in CEC, held at CTO TI HALL on 8th & 9th August 2015 :Click here for the letter>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Circle Secretary wrote a letter to GM(HR & Admin)/WBTC regarding  Criteria for calling Volunteers amongst SDEs, JTOS and TTAs at CTTC, Saltlake                                     :Click here for the letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

6th  April 2016

An  emergent Circle Office Bearers and CWC members meeting will be conducted on 08.04.2016 at 4 PM at Telephone Bhavan to discuss on some recent issues to resolve. All Circle Office Bearers and CWC members are requested to attend the meeting in time.

6th  February 2016

CWC meeting will be held at Rabindra Tirtha, Kolkata on 8th & 9th February 2016. Circle Secretary and other CWC members of West Bengal Circle will attend the CWC and take part in discussion on the agenda to express our Circle views.  

2nd February 2016

With untold grief we mourn the sad, sudden and untimely demise of our veteran

 leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao due to cardiac arrest at around 01.00 am. 

The hero of many historic battles to win the pride and prestige of the Executive

 community, his stellar role in building up the SNEA will remain with us forever. The

 likes of him have seldom walked the earth. Com W Seshagiri Rao cannot die, but will

 live on and on. We pray to the almighty to receive him into the ranks of the best

 and the blessed. Our deepest condolence to his respected wife, children, grand

 children and family members. May God sustain them to overcome the irreparable

 grief and loss. 

28th January 2016

Holding of  Limited  Internal  Competitive  Examination ( LICE ) for promotion  to  the  post of JTO (Telecom.) in BSNL  as per JTO Recruitment rules 2014  through  Online  examination in a centralized   manner   through   Examination   Agency   by  the Recruitment Branch of  Corporate Office. Notifications  will be issued by the respective Circles....View Order Copy.

27th January 2016

With profound sorrow we condole the sad untimely and unexpected demise of our beloved Com. Subhomay Dutta, SDE, Birpara /JPG SSA and activist of our Association belonging to Jalpaiguri Zone of West Bengal Circle on 27-01-2016 at 2:15AM. It is needless to mention that he contributed a lot to our Association as well as to our beloved organization BSNL through his sincere devotion and activity throughout his service life. We will remember him  and he will remain alive in our memory and mind for ever. We all together convey our condolence to the members of the bereaved family. May his departed soul rest in peace. 

16th January 2016

Circle Secretary and Asstt Circle Secy, (Com. P K Roy) met CGM WBTC and held discussion for a long time mainly on the developmental issues which were pursued by our Association for months together with Ex-CGM WBTC. We highlighted to CGM, WBTC the main issue of utilization of our manpower in a proper way which we already suggested. We placed a demand to increase the manpower specially in Transmission Wing, in CM vertical and a good no. of employees to be deployed in Marketing Wing also. Another issue we highlighted the cumbersome process of paying Electricity Bills of all our establishments (around 1500) in WBTC through newly implemented ERP procedure. We told CGM that we will submit a letter in this regard in the next week-- how to avoid this critical payment procedure and how we can save at least 10 crores expenditure  per annum by paying Electric Bills in due time avoiding late fee as well as getting rebate.

15th January 2016

Circle Secretary and Asstt Circle Secy, (Com. P K Roy) met GM(HR & Admin), WBTC and held discussion mainly on pending HR issues specially :- 

(i) Withdrawal of held in abeyance status on Look After arrangement in the cadre of SDE for some SSAs,

(ii)  Forwarding of inter Circle prayer transfer applications submitted by some SDEs working in WBTC to Corporate Office for further necessary actions.

(iii) Formation of DPC committee for selection of lecturers / instructors for CTTC Salt Lake at the earliest possible time.

(iv) Review on APARs of some Executives by concerned administrative authorities at Circle Office for extending TBP as EPP which is being delayed for months together.

(v) Misc.

GM assured to take necessary action to resolve the said issues at the earliest. 

14th January 2016

As discussed in the CEC Meet held on 9th January 2016 at CTO Hall, a  committee has been formed for publication of Technical Literature with HR & Welfare information which will be distributed free of cost amongst the members of our SNEA, WB Circle within February 2016 as a part of Executive Diary 2016 published by SNEA, WB Circle. The name of the committee members are:- 

Com. P K Roy (Conevenor), Com. Jayanta Mitra, Com. Srikanta Awon, Com. B N Singh and Com. Mayank Gupta.

 The committee  will collect information from the respective Executives in the field of Broadband (including Tariff), NIB, IP TAX, Transmission, Mobile (including BSC & MSC),  HR & Welfare and Marketing. All Zonal Secretaries are requested to extend cooperation with the committee for providing necessary information in this regards.

12th January 2016

Circle Secretary, Asstt Circle Secy( Com. P K Roy), Com.J.K Mahajan (Z/S Central South Zone) and Com. Srikanta Awon met GM(CFA)/WBTC and had a prolonged discussion on the problems  prevailing in CFA Vertical in all the SSAs in WBTC - 

at present today not a single IU card extra is in hand in WBTC - concerned Vendor expressed their inability to supply IU cards to WBTC - Now the question is what is the solution to get required IU cards ? 

Our requirement of drop wires per year in WBTC is about 5000 km - today we are having only 1000 km drop wires - question is what to do? 

We have acute crisis of having ARC & ARI cards - there is no possibility to get it in WBTC -

Like these there are so many more problems in CFA Vertical. We discussed with GM(CFA) to find out effective solutions in this regard. Again we sit together tomorrow to search out the possibilities  to resolve the issues. All Zonal Secretaries are requested to highlight the problems in CFA Vertical in their respective SSA to Circle Body for further pursuasion.

11th January 2016

Updates on court cases:

1. JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion case at Hon HC, Ernakulam:The details and additional informations to be incorporated in the reply to the 3rd case was provided to Kerala Circle by BSNLCO in the fourth week of December. The BSNL council was out of station for one week. It is expected that the reply will be filed next week with a prayer for earlier hearing. The Hon HC reopened after Christmas vacation. 

2. FR22(1)(a)(1) case at PCAT, New Delhi on JTO officiating pay fixation: The case filed in the name of SNEA and others is posted to 07.03.2016. Earlier the case was listed on 04.01.2016. Assn refiled the case in October in the PCAT as the judgment in the first case didn’t cover all the issues.

11th January 2016

CWC meeting at Kolkata on 08th, 09th February, 2016.

Dear CSs, CWC members ---,

The CWC is notified just after 5 months after the AIC due to some pressing issues like delay in implementation of Joint Committee recommendations, constitution of 3rd PRC and deliberations with PRC, abnormal delay in promoptions mainly due to court cases, Committee report on officiating pay fixation legitimising the illegal BSNL orders, withdrawal of trade union facilities in the name of verification etc.

In the Kolkata CWC, serious deliberations are to be made and important decisions are to be taken on the following issues:

1.  Strategies to increase the revenue and accelerate the growth to make the company profitable to ensure the benefit of 3rd PRC w.e.f 01.01.2017.

2. Implementation of Joint Committee recommendations submitted on 07.10.2015 on implementation of Standard pay scales, CPSU Cadre Hierarchy and uniform first TBP -- course of action in case management not taking a decision on the matter by the time of CWC.

The 3rd PRC will be constituted shortly. But the pay scales of about 30000 Executives working in the basic cadres of JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent cadre not decided so far. Then how the revision of pay scales of these cadres will be deliberated in the PRC?

Practically all promotions in almost all the wings upto DE/CAO are stayed by the Hon CAT, Chandigargh. An alternative mechanism is implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. But management not started seriously working on it so far eventhough sufficient inputs given by the Assn!

3. Deadlock on promotions in almost all the cadres, Implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy in the given situation where Executives are working lower post but on higher pay scales ---- suggestions from the cadres.

4. Pay fixation and pay protection on officiating promotion during DoT/BSNL period and got regular promotion as SDE/AO/DE/CAO/EE after 01.10.2000 as per rules. About 15,000 Executives will face reduction of pay by one or two increments and recovery of pay to the tune of lakhs of rupees in case the Committee report is accepted by the management, legitimising the illegal orders issues by BSNL Co without the approval of the competent authority, ie. BSNL Board. --- strategies to counter the illegal order and protect the interest of our comrades.

5. Membership verification --- restoration of trade union facilities and deduction of subscription from salary.

6. Other important issues

All Circles are requested to deliberate these issues in detail by convening CEC meetings and reach Kolkata with specific strategies and action plan. -  General Secretary


West Bengal Circle organisation already conducted one day CEC meeting on 09-01-2016 at CTO Hall, Kolkata. Almost all Circle Office Bearers, CWC members, Zonal Secretaries and Circle Executives attended the CEC and throughout the meeting elaborate discussion took place on HR and developmental issues up to 8:15 PM. Almost all the Executives present in the meeting took part on discussion specially Zonal Secretaries. The suggestions given by the participants on HR and developmental issues essential for extending benefits to our Executives as well as for the survival of SSAs of WBTC and CEC took resolution to sincerely pursue the suggestions by circle body with the concerned authorities for implementation. As our CEC is over and CHQ uploaded the above issues for discussion in ensuing CWC to be held at Kolkata on 8th & 9th February 2016- All Circle office bearers, CWC members and Zonal Secretaries are requested to submit the opinion on the said issues by 31st January 2016 through e-mail, so that CWC members of WB Circle can highlight the consolidated opinion on the said issues in CWC for the benefits of our beloved comrades as well as for the survival of WBTC as a whole BSNL.   

8th January 2016

Circle Secretary, Asstt Circle Secy( Com. P K Roy) and Com. Srikanta Awon met GH(HR & Admin), WBTC to discuss the pending HR issues specially vacancy position of JTOs from 31-03-2013 to 31-03-2016 related to outside JTO recruitment as well as JTO recruitment through LICE as per the provisions of JTO Recruitment Rule-2014. We also requested GM(HR & Admin), WBTC to send the up-to-date vacancy in the cadre of TTA to Corporate Office as Corporate Office is taking initiative to recruit outside TTA in a good no. We also pursued the issue of formation of DPC committee for selection of lecturers and instructors at CTTC Salt Lake. GM assured to take necessary action on the said issues at the earliest. 

8th January 2016

BSNLCO Establishment wing writes to Recruitment section for notifying LICE for Promotion to the grade of JTO(T) under 50 percent quota for the vacancies up to 31.03.2016 ... 

View Copy of the letter.

2nd January 2016

With profound sorrow we condole the sad untimely and unexpected demise of our beloved Com. Nur Mohd. Mondal, SDE ( Trans )/Cal SSA and activist of our Association belonging to Central North Zone of West Bengal Circle on 01-01-2016. It is needless to mention that he contributed a lot to our Association as well as to our beloved organization BSNL through his sincere devotion and activity throughout his service life. We will remember him  and he will remain alive in our memory and mind for ever. We all together convey our condolence to the members of the bereaved family. May his departed soul rest in peace. 

2nd January 2016

CMD BSNL Sh ANUPAM SHRIVATAVA in the presence of all the Directors and staff addressed at BSNL Bhavan on the occasion of New Year 2016. He expressed that every employee of BSNL including himself are eagerly waiting for implementation of 3 PRC from 2017 for which we all have to strive hard to increase our revenues. He stressed the need for success of SWAS. He extended best wishes for the New Year and given a sweet news that with the continuous persuasion of BSNL, it was decided by the income tax department to refund Rs10000 crores which was taken from BSNL erroneously. CMD felicitated the Officer, Sh Y.N SINGH, GM Budgeting and Finance Control, who took keen interest in the process of getting back of Rs 10000 Crores to BSNL. From SNEA CHQ President Com A. Khan, AGS Com P.Padmanabha Rao and JS Com A. Dahiya attended the meeting.

 Manifesto for Membership verification:

                                  A thought for unity, a vote for SNEA(I)

                                                                        View Draft notification copy.                                     

             BSNL notified the rules for membership verification among executives Associations.  Click here to view the Notification

                    REVISED SCHEDULE for MEMBERSHIP VERIFICATION among Executive Associations issued by Corporate Office.
                                                                     VIEW ORDER COPY...


Click here for the Notice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click here for the Poster >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click here for the order of Executive Dairy-2014 for CTD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click here for the order of Executive Dairy-2014 for WBTC >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

               Issue of Diary for Executives and Non Executives for the calender year 2015 - 

                                                                         View Order copy.


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